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Granny Flats are also a popular option for families with growing teenagers. Give them a sense of living out of home whilst still having family support. Free up some space inside for you too and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Another option is to use a Granny Flat for a home office, allowing your customers to visit without entering your main home. This gives you separation between work and home, helping productivity and decreasing distractions.

A range of granny flat designs to choose from

With 10 granny flat designs to choose from, our modern one and two bedroom options amplify your living features and maximise space without compromising on comfort. Building a granny flat alongside your new home will allow you to seamlessly attach a separate residence and ensure both structures are built with the same level of quality and attention to detail. Each granny flat comes with two façade options – metro and retro – and contain all the essentials you could want in a conveniently sized floor plan.

Granny Flat Designs Spesilist

Destin Constructions Vic Pty Ltd build Granny Flats to fit with the design of your existing home. We draw up the plans or use yours, obtain the necessary building permits and see the job through to completion. We make building easy.





Yes, Destin Constructions
does offer Granny Flat designs. We have ten designs that can be added to your Montgomery Home for an additional investment. The addition of a granny flat to your build is subject to a site assessment of the individual block with consideration of block size and council requirements, among other prerequisites.

Granny flats are offered in conjunction with a new Montgomery Home. They are not currently available as a stand-alone build as they are constructed at the same time as your main dwelling.

The timeframe for building a new home can vary depending on what type of house you’re building (two-storey home design vs one-storey home design), the size of your home, the blocks accessibility, as well as local council approval processes. On average, building your new home can take anywhere between 26 to 38 weeks from when excavation commences. A granny flat will only add two weeks to your build time.

Your choice of colours and finishes will be applied to your main home as well as your granny flat. For your granny flat design, you have the freedom to choose a different facade and colours, or for a similar look and feel you may choose to keep the colours the same.

Whether you’re looking to add additional space to a room, or perhaps convert a bedroom to a study, we offer the flexibility and freedom to build a granny flat that meets your lifestyle and design goals.

Although this will depend on a site inspection to assess the overall gradient of the block, but most of our granny flat designs can be built on a sloping site to coincide with your split-level home.

Quality Granny Flat Builders at Affordable Prices.

If you’re about to go to auction or need advice on whether a property qualifies for approval, just give us a call or fill-in the form below. We’ll use our Surveyors Portal to look at the layout of your land, the available space and floor space ratios. This will tell us if we can approve a granny flat and if there are any issues. We can appraise your property and advise you on maximising privacy and separation for your new project. At Stage-1, we’ll come to your site and carry out a detailed survey. We’ll report to you on connection to sewer, storm-water drainage and power. At Stage 2, we’ll prepare your plans, engineering and we’ll quote you with one of our Affordable Turn-Key Build Packages.

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